Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summary of Proposed Changes to RECA Program

The text of both H.R. 5119 and S. 3224 are now available online at I reviewed the text of both today and am providing this summary for those of you who do not want to muddle through the website and try to understand how the changes apply to you.

1. All of the following states would be added to the program: Idaho, Montana, New Mexico and Colorado. All of Arizona, Nevada and Utah would be included in the program. Guam would be added to the program.

2. Compensation would be $150,000 for all claimants. Those who filed claims and were paid in the past would be able to apply for additional compensation. For example, a claimant who received $50,000 for a Downwinder claim would be able to apply for an additional $100,000.

3. Presence requirements would change dramatically. A claimant would be required to show eligibility during one of the following periods: (a) one month during June 30, 1945 to July 31, 1945; (b) one year between June 30, 1946 to August 19, 1958, or (c) the period between April 25, 1962 to November 2, 1962.

4. Medical benefits would be given to Downwinders. Currently only uranium workers applying for compensation under the EEOICPA can receive medical benefits.

5. Uranium workers would be eligible to receive compensation if they were employed anytime prior to December 31, 1990.

6. Affidavits could be used to establish residence for Downwinders and Onsite Participants.

These would be dramatic changes to the program and would provide more compensation to tens of thousands of people who deserve it. I will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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